Announcement Vienna-PTM 2.0 launch

      Vienna-PTM 2.0 launch

      We proudly announce the launch of the next generation of "Vienna-PTM". Hundreds of users and thousands of jobs during the past one and a half years have underlined the demand for support of post-translational modifications in the context of molecular dynamics simulations and we decided to work on the things users had to struggle with or have been requested repeatedly. We hope you enjoy the new interface and would be grateful for any feedback.

      New features:
      • graphical design: New interface with additional information and on-demand AJAX generation for better performance.
      • chain renaming: Since many of the uploaded PDB files are not consistent with the standard in terms of protein chain naming conventions, an automated renaming has been added.

      New modifications:
      • residue [SOG] has been added
      • residue [TOG] has been added

      • Jmol plugin replaced by Jmol HTML5 canvas: solved a problem caused some systems to crash.
      • Download issue: HTTP redirect caused some systems to crash